website design, development, art, graphic design, html, css, javascript


A new startup came to me with a concept for a video streaming service, but lacked the direction needed to get their idea off the ground. They came to me for my experience in UX/UI and it was decided to start with a concept based on the client's vision and target audience, which would then be connected to various 3rd party vendors for content creation and deployment.


After receiving client media and a discussion on their overall UI vision, I used a combination of Photoshop, and Affinity Designer to create the interface and branding. I then produced a prototype using HTML/CSS/SASS, Bootstrap and Javascript to convey to the client how the RWD site would look and behave.

Once all graphic design work and prototyping was complete, I served as a consultant on the execution of 3rd party streaming vendors and the project was handed off to the client to take in any direction they wanted in terms of development.